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By ronen ariely on 27/07/2022 03:44
During the last year I got reports from people that joined meetings that they do not see the chat button when they are in the meeting. In this post I will discuss the issue and present optional solutions which other people reported that solved it in their case.
By ronen ariely on 20/04/2022 04:36
By default when we add a new external user to a team on Teams using his email, then the user gets a default name based on the email address. This means that if the person uses an email address which is not based on his real full name. then other members on the team might not be able to find the person in the team or recognize his user name when he will participate in activities. IN this short post I will present the issue and the "Best practice" which is configure the name of the user while we adding him to the team. I will also discussion how to fix the user information if he was already added without the right displayed name.
By ronen ariely on 07/11/2020 16:56

There is a great support for Teams in PowerShell, which allow you to get all a list of all the users in a specific team. Here is the procedure in steps