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Database Schema Changes (with Zero Downtime) and the True Limitations of AI
Start Date/Time:יום שלישי 10 אפריל 2018 17:30
End Date/Time:יום שלישי 10 אפריל 2018 21:00
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  • 17:30-18:00 - Gathering, Networking, Hugs and Kisses• 18:00-18:15 - Opening, Announcements, and More...
  • 18:15-19:30 - First Session (Zero Downtime Deployments of Schema Changes and Massive Data Manipulations)• 19:30-19:45 - Break (More Networking)
  • 19:45-20:30 - Second Session (The True Limitations of AI’s Current Technology)


1. Zero Downtime Deployments of Schema Changes and Massive Data Manipulations – Alex Friedman (75 Minutes)

You need to change the data type of a column, but can’t afford any downtime. Or you’re updating the data of an entire huge table, but it just won’t finish in the maintenance window.

In this session, Alex will show how these challenges were solved in Payoneer, starting with the simple solutions and gradually building upon them to reach the more complex best performers. We’ll be using SQL Server, but the concepts apply to other relational databases as well.

If you’ve ever locked a table for too long, or had to roll back a deployment because it took too much time, this session is for you.

2. The True Limitations of AI’s Current Technology – Noam Brezis (45 Minutes)

Difficult tasks, such as Image Processing, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing, are performed nowadays thanks to Deep-Learning. Everybody is talking about the strengths of deep-learning, but what are its drawbacks? When does it fail to work?

In this exciting session, Noam Brezis will overview the current state of the art implementations of deep-learning, and will discuss its limitations.

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