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By ronen ariely on 11/08/2018 01:52

Several days ago I got a support call from a senior DBA, saying that "someone" in the company dropped a column in a table by mistake, before they copied several of the values,which they needed. Moreover, he explained that they do have any backup of the database and therefore they lost important data.

Before he contacted to me, he tried to get help in the forums, to contact several experts, and he found Microsoft's documentation which claimed that "This action cannot be undone". The question was simply a request to find away to get the lost data... 

Can it be done?!?

The short answer is, that a common user which work only with the LOGICAL layer of SQL Server using the documented tools cannot undone this action, but for SQL Server internals level of users, this is a different story...

By ronen ariely on 23/11/2017 10:22
This is a simple Step-By-Step tutorial, showing how to use Azure BLOB Storage services to store backups of SQL Server databases. During the tutorial I will start with creating a new Azure Storage Account, next I will create new Credential in our local SQL Server and using the Credential I will backup and restore the SQL Server database.
By ronen ariely on 10/07/2013 22:56

Case Study:

We need to restore a database which original file size was 100GB. Our disks on the target computer hold 80GB. We know that the database can be shrink to less than 80GB. The problem is that restore operation always restores the files to the same sizes they were before the backed up. There is currently no build-in way to "restore with shrink". But… There is always a BUT :-)