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By ronen ariely on 25/02/2023 14:18
Following the inquiry in the forums, it seems that there is a bug when we are using sp_refreshsqlmodule on a stored procedure which call HIDDEN system-versioned temporal tables with hidden columns. In this post I will reproduce the issue and present a simple explanation. For solution we will need Microsoft team to fix the bug.
By ronen ariely on 27/07/2022 03:44
During the last year I got reports from people that joined meetings that they do not see the chat button when they are in the meeting. In this post I will discuss the issue and present optional solutions which other people reported that solved it in their case.
By ronen ariely on 18/03/2022 17:32
In the last several days there are reports regarding a strange behavior of SSMS which seems like started with version 18.11 and continue in version 18.11.1: A Beeps sound can is played each time we close the Query Editor Window. My tests suggests that this is a bug related to not disconnecting the server...
By ronen ariely on 17/03/2021 21:29
This issue was reported in the Microsoft QnA forum! Using nested inline User-defined Scalar Functions in SQL Server version 15.0.4102.2 returns an error. I confirmed this issue in several machines.
By ronen ariely on 18/08/2020 21:04
From time to time I come across a question in a forums from someone who claim that SQL Server Execution Plan shows that the cost of a specific operator or the sum of operators is more than 100 percentage. The discussions usually get answers that this is related to the SQL Server Execution Plan, while the truth is that this has nothing to do with the server side but the client tool which calculate the percentages of the cost. In this post I will summarize a bit more information and explain how we can be sure that this issue is indeed in the client side and not a result of information which come from the server (at least the cases I am familiar with).
By ronen ariely on 29/03/2020 03:10
We all familiar with computers viruses and we understand that these can affect our applications, but is it posible that a biological virus will impact our applications? Unfortunately the answer is yes. During the last few days it seems that the Coronavirus impacts users that work with Microsoft Azure. 

By ronen ariely on 21/06/2019 09:49

Error: The UTC time represented when the offset is applied must be between year 0 and 10,000.

A question in the MSDN forum about an error message which the user get, turned out to be an unknown (until now) bug in the SQL Server Management Studio SSMS (relevant to SSMS 18.1 and before). 

If you are in Israel then you are probably fine😃, in fact anyone who use UTC/GMT Time Zone or positive offset in time (Meaning, location east to Greenwich England) is fine... But if you are in US for example, then you must know about this


By ronen ariely on 28/05/2019 01:42

Did you encounter issues with opening SQL Server Management studio version 18?

The online and offline communities discuss this issue in the last several months. You can find reports like: SSMS not run, SSMS closes immediately after startup, SSMS won't open, and so on...

Well... this blog only summarize the issue and provide the workaround
Everything I write in this blog is not original but summarize. You can check the following link if you want to follow the entire discussion about this issue.

Update: The fix for this issue was included in SSMS 18.1.

By ronen ariely on 05/01/2018 00:00
If you are one of the tech freaks who can afford to buy a new computer every week, or if it's just time for you to buy a new computer, or even if you simply use modern Intel processors dating back at least a decade, then you should read this post! A vulnerability affecting computers running Intel chips was announced two days ago!
By ronen ariely on 31/03/2017 19:03
SSMS vNext BUG during creating script to delete database from azure SQL Server
By ronen ariely on 29/08/2016 02:31

Hello all,

Today I am trying something new...
Instead of writing a long post, which describe a bug, I will show you the bug in action using a simple video i created.

in fact, this is probably not really a simple video. In the past I used free version of apps to create simple videos, but it is time to move one step forward. I wanted to learn a bit about using advance video editor app, in order to start recording technical tutorials (webinars). Therefore, I used lot of the options that the video editor app includes. So, what app did I used? I use a full version licence of "Camtasia Studio", which is given free of charge to Microsoft MVPs.

Well, let's see how was I in my first test creating this short video :-)

You are welcome to post feedback and comments at Facebook.

- Ronen


By ronen ariely on 23/06/2016 23:25

When you try to open the Help Viewer from SSMS 2016, there are two behaviors that people reports about: (1) Instead of getting the new Help Viewer version 2.2, which came with the SSMS 2016, the old version 1.1 is opened(2) Instead of getting any help viewer, the browser opened and redirects us to the Book-Online, or An error raises with the message "no app are installed to open this type of link (ms-xhelp)".

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about how to install Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Book-online for offline use. I mentioned this bug regarding starting the help viewer:

! Quote In the current SSMS version (April 2016 preview), when we click on F1 or if we select "Help" -> "View Help" in order to get help, instead of opening the Help Viewer, SSMS opens the download page in the browser, even if the Help Viewer already installed! It seems like a bug.

The current version is SSMS June 2016 generally available release, which mean that this version theoretically ready for production. Yet, the bug is still there, and it is time to focus a bit more on what seems to behave wrong, and how we can workaround these issues...

By ronen ariely on 17/10/2014 10:27

Sometimes A new version or feature release and a new bug which related to this feature revealed, but sometimes we stuck with a BUG for years.. many years... 15 years even... will it be fix in the next version?

Using User Defined Function In Constraint can lead to a BUG! In this short blog I will just reproduce the BUG and show a simple workaround. This is not a new topic, and you probably can find lot of articles on net,on the same issue, but since it came up again... i decided to post this blog again.

By ronen ariely on 16/02/2012 07:56

הודעת שגיאה בקבצי הלוג של שרת ה SQL

בקריאה לפתרון מצב שקובץ הלוג (הכוונה לקובת לוג השגיאות ולא לוג של מסד נתונים) התמלא בקריאות, התברר לי כבר במבט ראשון שכל הודעות האזהרה והשגיאה מוכרות וידועות והפתרון בהתאם. בשבוע הקרוב אכתוב כמה בלוגים לגבי שגיאות נפוצות שנראות בקובץ הלוגים של שרת ה SQL. את הבלוג הראשון ברצף בלוגים זה ניתן לראות כאן. בעבר כתבתי כבר דיי הרבה בלוגים בנושא הודעות שגיאה. הכוונה כאן רק להוסיף ברצף כמה בלוגים בנושא זה על שגיאות שעדיין לא כיסתי בעבר. בלוגים נוספים בנושא שגיאות ניתן למצוא בחיפוש במערכת הבלוגים של האתר. בבלוג הנוכחי נדון בשגיאות הבאות בשרת SQL בגרסת WEB:

BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP DATABASE DatabaseName. Check the backup application log for detailed messages.

BACKUP DATABASE WITH COMPRESSION is not supported on Web Edition (64-bit).

Database backed up. Database: DatabaseName<c/> creation date(time): 2011/12/21(07:06:41)<c/> pages dumped: 233<c/> first LSN: 44:2367:1<c/> last LSN: 44:2369:1<c/> number of dump devices: 1<c/> device information:..... This is an informational message only. No user action is required.