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Written by: ronen ariely
21/12/2022 03:31 RssIcon

The Issue

When we use modern operating systems (OS) like windows and an error raise in application like SQL Server Management Studio, then in many cases the error will be alerted in an alert window, which does not have a built-in button to copy the error text to present the full information.

In this post I will present how to get the text of the error message out of the error message window.

This action is highly important, for troubleshoot or debug and in order to search for more information about the error using a search engine or in order to ask for more information in forums.

Error message

Solution 1: copy the text of an error message

(supported in windows OS)

Right click with the mouse on the error windows to move the focus to the windows -> press and hold down the CTRL key -> at the same time, press the INSERT key. This will copy the full error information not only the information presented in the error window) to the memory.

Now you can paste the information in notepad or any other application.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
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Solution 2: Use optical character reader (OCR) app

(supported in all OS)

A simple solution is to save a screenshot of the error text and use one of the free OCR services online like this one (which I found using Google): https://www.onlineocr.net/