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Microsoft® Community Contributor

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Written by: ronen ariely
27/07/2022 06:02 RssIcon

Microsoft Ignite 2022 is coming!

Without any announcement (which I know about), quiet as a mouse, the Microsoft Ignite site came to life with new information about Microsoft Ignite conference 2022 – Mark the date!


Microsoft Ignite October 12–14, 2022

Note! You are probably thinking that if you followed the official channels, then you could hear about it, but even now when I go to the official Twitter account then there is no message from 2022! The latest message which I see there is from 2021.

Note! Until Microsoft officially announce the event, I have no idea if we can actually count on the information. 

How did I find about it?!?

No… it’s not since I am Microsoft MVP and I had any internal information under NDA about it - if I did, then I could not speak about it anyway, but personally the first time I found this was a few hours ago, totally “by mistake”!

I checked the Microsoft Ignite website and noticed that the website was update and on the main page we have the information

Well… don’t try to go around the site since there is no much more to see. You have Session archives which related to Microsoft Ignite 2021 and no new information as much as I noticed regarding the Microsoft Ignite 2022.

At this time, we can only announce that Microsoft Ignite 2022 is coming on October 12–14, 2022

So, mark the date and go back to the website in a few days to check if there are more updates.

Have fun