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Written by: ronen ariely
27/07/2022 03:44 RssIcon


During the last year I got reports from people that joined meetings that they do not see the chat button when they are in the meeting. In this post I will discuss the issue and present optional solutions which other people reported that solved it in their case.

Unfortunately it is not a reproducible case (there are no specific know steps which will raise this issue as much as I know) and personally I did not have it myself. Therefore, everything that I am writing is based on other people experience and reports during meetings which I hosted.

Note! Seems like this can happen in the middle of the meeting as well (the button disappears after the meeting started)

Note! grayed out chat button is the issue which I speak about in this post.

Actions which were reported as solutions

(1) Leave the meeting and come back in.

(2) please completely quit out of Teams and relaunch the program, then rejoin your meeting.

(3) Use QnA instead of chat (host need to enable QnA)

(4) Make sure that you are using the Teams desktop app and that you update to the latest version.

(5) Select profile pic and choose settings and tick the box for 'turn on new meeting experience'.

(6) You can get to the chat using the left menu of Teams. On the main windows of Teams (not the event windows) you have a menu where you can click on "Chat" and watch all the chats history.

Note! If you have just joined the meeting, then you probably will not see the chat of the current meeting yet, but once someone add a message in the chat, then the chat will be added to your list. You can click on the chat of the meeting at this point and join the chat.

Note! My feeling is that all these "solutions" simply worked since re-joining the meeting was part of the solution. I am pretty sure that is is not related to version as this issue exists for years, I know that this is not related to the number of people in the meeting since this happened in meeting with less than 30 people which I hosted.

Note! I have not heard about this issue from people that used channel meeting. If anyone did, then please inform me. At this time I will assume that this issue does not happen in channel meeting.

If you are one of these who feel better when they know that they are not the only one with the issue, then you can check the following thread - do not expect to see  solution there other to what I already mentioned: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams/chat-button-missing-in-a-teams-meeting/m-p/1279277

And here is another one: https://youtu.be/g4ods_diCeU

Other similar issues which are not related

* If a chat is linked to a Team or channel - only the members get the chat.

* Some features are only available to those with the desktop application.