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Written by: ronen ariely
26/02/2022 08:21 RssIcon

SQL Server Management Studio version 18.11 was released a few hours ago!

What's new in 18.11?

  1. Azure Data Studio: Installing previous version came with Azure Data Studio 1.32.0 while the new installation comes with version 1.34.0.
  2. Data Classification:
    1. Updated user interface

    2. Add new classifications for columns that are not yet classified.
    3. Added a new category "All Unclassified"
    4. allow Save selected recommendations directly after scanning the entire database.
  3. When closing a T-SQL Query Editor tab, a dialog box to display the status of an extended open transaction check
  4. Added support for trace files from Analysis Services version 16.0.
  5. For the lazy, no need to re-enter password when starting SQL Profiler from SSMS.