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Written by: ronen ariely
01/12/2021 21:07 RssIcon

Issue: An attempt to create a new service in the Azure failed with a message regarding a quota

It is quite common, especially when we are using free subscriptions, to have an issue to create Azure service in specific region, creating service using specific tier, or even creating the same service multiple times. These issues related to limitation in the Azure Subscription resource quotas.

This post follows such issue which was raised in the Microsoft QnA forum

What is Azure quotas

It make sense that if the total amount of requests to create/use a service in specific region raises to a point that paying accounts might encounter performance issue, then Microsoft will choose to temporarily restrict free subscriptions from creating a new service in specific targeted region, in order to enable paying customers not to run into such issues. In this case we might encounter an error which informs us about a temporarily limitations.

But in addition t that rare case, Azure have in-design limitations on number of services which we can create based on combination of parameters like type of subscription, type of service and the regions we want to deploy the service at. These in-design limitation are well documented.

Most free subscriptions like Sponsors and MSDN subscription probably cannot create a service of Virtual Machine Gen 2, type NC-series, in all regions as happened to the OP in the forum. In some cases, the same subscription might be able to create a similar service of Virtual Machine Gen 1, type NC-series, in a specific regions.

For example, when I tried to create Windows 10 Gen 1, in North Europe, using one of the templates: NC6,NC6_Promo,NC12,NC12_Promo,NC24,NC24_Promo,NC24r,NC24r_Promo then I got an error related to "Insufficient quota", which is the same issue that OP had in the forum. This is the most common issue related to Azure quotas. 

In this case you can send a request to get more quota (which does not mean anyone will approve it if this is a free account).

As mentioned, quota are related to the combination of (1) Service requested, (2) Type of subscription, (3) Regions. quota issues are mainly related to free account, but I think it can also be in Pay-As-You-Go simple subscription. I assume that in this case your request will be approved.

For example, in one of my free sponsor subscription, if I select Window 10 Gen 2 then I see no VM which fit my quota. If check one of the available VM, then I get the message: 4 vCPUs are needed for this configuration, but only 0 vCPUs (of 0) remain for the Standard NCASv3_T4 Family vCPUs.

This subscription (as you can see in the message) does not have any quota to use this type of service using this type of VM - it makes sense to limit free account for most people, since this is an expensive and unique by using specific hardware. The short description of NC-series is: NC-series VMs are powered by the NVIDIA Tesla K80 card and the Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3 (Haswell) processor.

What are the limitation by subscription type?

This document lists some of the most common Microsoft Azure quotas limits: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-resource-manager/management/azure-subscription-service-limits

What are the limitation per Azure service

This article summarizes naming rules and restrictions for Azure resources. It lists resources by resource provider namespace.


Next step:

First, try to use a different template of VM - use Gen 1 for example instead of Gen 2 might solve your needs.

If this still not working then, Provide more information: (1) elaborate a bit more on the steps you do and the result including errors which you get, (2) provide the type of the subscription you use, (3) Elaborate what template of VM did you tried to use? (4) Confirm the issue is not related to "Insufficient quota" and if it is, then try to request for more quota.

Use the following document to check quota and get a bit more info: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-resource-manager/troubleshooting/error-resource-quota

If you are using the portal to request for more quota, then you will get the following message...

It can several seconds before you get refused:

And as I suggested above , the message will ask you to: 

Submit a support ticket so that a support engineer can assist you in increasing your quota for your Standard NCASv3_T4 Family vCPUs in <name of the region you try to use come here> for <Name of the subscription type will come here>.