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Written by: ronen ariely
29/03/2020 03:10 RssIcon

We all familiar with computers viruses and we understand that these can affect our applications, but is it posible that a biological virus will impact our applications? Unfortunately the answer is yes. During the last few days it seems that the Coronavirus impacts users that work with Microsoft Azure.


So how the Coronavirus impact the Azure users?

"This location is not available for subscription"

Well… not directly but if you will check the forums online then you will probably find tens of new requests for help, which report about issues in creating new services.

Unable to create SQL Server resource on Azure in any region!
Azure for Students - cannot create SQL Database!
Error: This location is not available for subscription!
Unable to create SQL Database Server!
Azure - This location is not available for subscription!
Azure Portal and SQL databases Data Sync!



The explanation is simple and Microsoft provided it transparently in this post. By the way, this is one of the reasons I love to work with companies like Microsoft and services like Azure - transparency.

So, what is the issue? We all stuck at home and we have too much free time. Many use this opportunity to learn about the Azure services. In addition, most of Microsoft services are connected to the Azure! More users use the Office 365. Millions are using Teams for online meetings, learning, managing workplace teams. Contacting costumers online using Dynamics 365, remotely support, millions of people adapt to remote work, and so on...

The demand grows dramatically and unprecedented, challenging service providers like Microsoft all around the world.

Microsoft continue to provide the services, monitoring performance and usage trends 24/7, and support critical operations. In order to provide the best service, Microsoft prioritizes the resources in the Azure regions.

This issue is manly effect free subscriptions only. If you are using a free subscription for learning, sponsor subscription, or Azure for Students account, then there is a big chance that many services will not be available to you in some or all regions. If you are getting an error like "This location is not available for subscription" then you are not alone.


What can we do?

As I mentioned Microsoft prioritizes the resources according to their policy:

“Top priority will be going to first responders, health and emergency management services, critical government infrastructure organizational use, and ensuring remote workers stay up and running with the core functionality of Teams.”

This make sense as an automat solution, but if you think that there is a reason to open your subscription to access specific region, then you can try to follow the instructions here to request access to a region. The requests are checked from case to case and access to locations will be given accordingly.


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Microsoft official information regarding this topic:

You can check the following thread in the MSDN forum for example:

Request access to a region