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Written by: ronen ariely
16/01/2020 14:19 RssIcon

The story of the today...

From time to time I find in the SQL Server documentation statement which are not accurate like in this case. In some cases I simply contact the team in internal channel or direct email/message, and sometime I remember to open a thread in the official GitHub project. Naturally, in the last option usually it take longer until the issue is fix, and in some cases I need to spend more time to discuss the issue, until I convince the original author of the document to fix it. 

Today I found another tiny issue like that and this time I will put it here first...
Update: I opened Pull Request in GitHub 

Documentation statement:

>> "Read/write data filegroups and log files cannot be placed on an NTFS compressed file system. Only read-only databases and read-only secondary filegroups can be put on an NTFS compressed file system."


Is this accurate?!?

It is true that a simple user which only follow the documentation and do not think outside the box (or simply read my blogs) will probably will never get to situation where he succeed to put Read/write data filegroups or log files on an NTFS compressed file system, but it does not mean that it cannot be done.

It is NOT Supported - True

It is NOT Recommended - True

It is a type of a hack - True

BUT IT CAN BE DONE! and official documentation must be accurate and not presenting a wrong fact in my opinion, even if Microsoft do not support the option. And in this case, it can be done as I showed in the past in one of of my blog: 

shrink SQL database during restore.

* In the mentioned post I showed how to restore a database on an NTFS compressed file system, as a solution to shrink the database size.

Check the previous post for more details on how to implement it, and always remember that even official documentations might be inaccurate. They are written by experts but still human, and sometimes it can be improved. For this reason Microsoft allows everyone to post a feedback via UserVoice system, and even directly suggest an update to the document via the GitHub of the Docs system.

Use these channel to help Microsoft improve their system in order to help us all to have a better documentation and products👍

Have a great day😀