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Written by: ronen ariely
03/07/2019 02:28 RssIcon

Good day guys,

Do you know where is Microsoft official SQL Server blog?

Unfortunately I do not know and probably there is no such place.

Well, I don't know if you noticed but in the last year or so, blogs on the MSDN and TechNet system were closed or become "read-only". Unfortunately, this includes two of the blogs where I serve as co-administrator (wikininjas and forumninjas), which are in the same situation. Anyhow, Today I do not want to focus on these. 

In this post I want to focus only on the blogs where the Microsoft Data Platform teams write. The problem is that by closing the blogs on MSDN/TechNet it seems to me like the blogs of the SQL Server teams has dispersed, and today each person or each sub-group publishes his posts elsewhere in a different blog and even in a different interface. Some of these blog are under Microsoft systems (using Microsoft domain) while others are not even under Microsoft interface. It is almost impossible to follow all the blogs this way... 

I hope that the following list can be useful to you.


cloud-related blog posts, usually with a marketing touch.


updates on existing products or launch of new products. Short and always technical posts.

https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/sqlserver/Probably one of the best places to actually read about features. I think that all the team of the “SQL Server 2019 Early Adoption Program (EAP)” posts here (I recognize their names). The EAP is a public program, not under NDA. You can enroll in the SQL Server 2019 EAP in the this link.
https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/research-area/data-platform-analytics/publications/One of the best places to find internals information from the Microsoft research teams. I love this place!


SQL Server On-premises


Azure SQL Database


Field support team




Support team – bring real case scenario mostly (I assume it is in read-only mode)


 Jovan Popovic blog is definitely one of my favorite (probably the top one). Jovan also publish in other blogs, but in this one I found the best posts, where he provides real scenario and samples, which I love to follow and check in practical.


Bob Ward blog


Not like other interfaces, like twitter for example, which only allows to post short link to external publication, LinkedIn provides the tools to publish articles/blog in your account.
Almost all teams’ members post on their LinkedIn account. If you can find them it is recommended to follow their posts.



Note! If you are from Microsoft and you publish posts in the field of the Data Platforms in any other location, then please feel free to contact me (You can find me on Facebook or LinkedIn and you can contact me in internals channels like yammer close groups, or you can add a comment here in public). I would love to add your blog to the list. After all, I intend to use this list myself to follow blogs in my area of interest. In addition this can help others to find your blog and follow your posts.

Note! Everything that I describe here regarding the Data Platforms teams is probably relevant in other fields as well. I simply focus on the field of my interesting here. If someone else can publish the equivalent list for other fields and send me the URL, then I can add the link here for the sake of the readers.

I hope this was useful 😃