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Written by: ronen ariely
14/03/2018 08:02 RssIcon

What does the acronym MMDBMS means?

From to time I say to myself that I need to start a series of post answering questions of type "what does the acronym means". I always used to say that for every three letters that you choose there are probably 3 different meaning. Well, today in the forum I changed my sentence and I decided that this is not relevant any more.... IT IS MUCH MORE PROBLEMATIC!

We are living in a very complex world. The combination of fast evolution in technologies (and other fields) together with the online communities and the laziness of people who want to use short words brings to the world a new acronym every several minutes probably. Each acronym word can have 10 and sometimes 10 thousand different meanings.

My point is that, if you ask a question in the forum, or if you write an article/blog then please remember that the first time in the post that you mention an acronym, you must give us the full name! Please don’t let us guess what you mean.

Now that we closed the general issue, let’s go answer the question, what does the acronym MMDBMS means.


In the field of Data Platform, the meaning of MMDBMS can be for example Multi Media Database Management System, or it can be Main-Memory Database Management System, and probably there are some more options. The original question in the forum was:

Since SQL Server has OLTP in-memory tables, does SQL Server belongs to MMDBMS?

Online transaction processing (OLTP) systems are usually based on Main-Memory Database Management System like Microsoft solution "In-Memory table". In Memory tables are by definition type of Main-Memory Database Management System but not all OLTP fits this rule. You can read more here.

Assuming that you are talking about Multi Media Database Management System, then the answer different.

Both system types OLTP and MMDBMS best based on in memory data, but probably the resemble stop here. OLTP system is totally different from MMDBMS system.  is basically high number of short transactions and usually with small size of values, while MMDBMS deals with large data size of multimedia. OLTP can be related to system that executes millions of transactions each minute or even each second. Multimedia Database Management System is a framework that usually deals with real time or streaming of multimedia data. We do want OLTP system to respond immediately to user requests but this is not a real time and each of these requests usually deals with small amount of data, while with MMDBMS each request can ask to get a movie for example. OLTP usually deal with a lot of DML queries while MMDBMS might deal (almost) only with select queries. With that being said a system can be both OLTP and MMDBMS. You can read more here.

What did we learn today?

1. Always clarify what you mean when you use acronym

2. OLTP system are not necessarily fit for MMDBMS