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Written by: ronen ariely
08/01/2013 21:35 RssIcon

SQL Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is a new features and improvements in SQL Server 2008 Management Studio (SSMS). We can use Activity Monitor to obtain information about SQL Server processes and how these processes affect the current instance of SQL Server.

Open up Activity Monitor Using Object Explorer: In Object Explorer, right click on the SQL Instance and select Activity Monitory from the drop down list.

Activity Monitor gives you an option to view who is connecting to your machine and what they are doing? It shows 4 graphs Processor Time, Waiting Tasks, database I/O and Batch Requests

Try it yourself:

Start transaction in query window on SSMS and run delete from table. Since we will not commit the transaction nothing will be don yet. Now we will open new query window and try to select all data from the same table. Since the table is lock by the first query we will get waiting status for the second query. Now we can go to the Activity Monitor and notice we have a waiting task.