IDNDUG 20th November 2013

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On our 10th Meeting on 2013 we are going to deep dive into Lock-free thread synchronization development, prepare to come with your helmets cause we are going to dig deep.


Software development in a multi-threaded environment is quite a challenging task for many developers.

When working with threads, knowing the theory is one thing, however dealing with real multi-threaded problems is a totally different story.
We need to picture in our heads what exactly happens in code, and this requires a change in the mindset, a different way of thinking, which is far from being simple.

What is certain though is that if you do not know the theory well enough, coping with such problems becomes virtually impossible.

In this session we’ll talk about some of the less familiar theory - What thread synchronization really is, how does it happen and why, and how can we synchronize threads without using mechanisms that require locks in order to improve performance.

About the speaker:

Udi Ben Senior is a senior consultant and software architect freelance. Udi has 15 years of experience in developing, managing, architecture, and consulting a wide range of software solutions. Equipped with excellent training and mentoring skills, Udi has a rich instructing experience, conducting various technology courses and lectures. Udi is a professional Windows developer, specializing in .NET technologies for distributed systems, as well as performance and debugging. Originally a C++ developer, he has a profound knowledge of native software development and of architectural solutions using the Object-Oriented paradigm. He is a true System Analyst and a passionate consultant.