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By ronen ariely on 17/04/2018 16:47

Another year passed and if we want to renew the MVP award then we must report our activities... 
I hate these types of tasks!

It seems to me always like a waste of time. Instead of writing about my community activities, I want to do some more. Instead of wasting my free time on summarize what I did in the forums, I want to spend that time in helping people in the forums... I can answer 10 more questions in the time I fill one activity in the MVP form… it is not like we can get more than 24 hours a day, so we must use the time that we have, in the best constructive way we can!

Note! Before I start spilling my guts, let me clarify that I am going to bring my personal views, recommendation and tips, according to my personal experience while filling my community activities list. These are not solutions or guidelines officially prescribed by the MVP program team.

By ronen ariely on 10/04/2018 22:00

Seems like Microsoft papered their services to the new GDPR regulation, and as part of the preparation several weeks ago a new feature named “PRIVACY” was added to the MSDN and TechNet profile. This feature enables us to download the data that Microsoft stores about our activities! Unfortunately, the data that is given to us is not formatted in a readable way, but in one long line of text [*updated] (JSON FORMAT) which can be in the size of hundreds of megabytes. In this post, I show how to get our data, view the data in raw format (JSON) and in readable format, and I gave queries to parse all the data into tabular structure using the built-in JSON features in SQL Server.

* Update 2018-04-17: I added Microsoft team's feedback and future plan, accordingly my post...