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By ronen ariely on 29/03/2014 23:09

Case study: We need to develop small application, which can be executed in variety ways, on variety interfaces. For example we need to be able to execute the application using: (1) command line (with or without parameters), or by (2) double click the exe file, or (3) from command shell / PowerShell. Moreover, we need our application to return information, using variety of Graphical user interfaces (GUI), according the execution option that we used. For eample, if we executed the application using GUI (option 3), then we need to let the user choose which GUI to use according to the parameter he passed to the executing command. If he didn't use any parameter (default), or if he used 'gui' as the parameter's value (option 1, 2), then we open a 'windows form', as our GUI. If the user pass the parameter 'console' and he using a shell interface, than the result will be seen on current shell without opening new GUI (option 2).

By ronen ariely on 22/02/2014 21:34

Any common operating system include a Text-based command interface, which provides the environment in which the user can move commands, launch applications and run services. by default the windows command shell aloud use to use English, but what if we want to use Hebrew or any other local language? what if we want to develop a console application which use local language?

In this blog I will explain step by step, how to configure the command (CMD) console shell, to use local language [Hebrew for example]. This will also affect Powershell.