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By ronen ariely on 09/07/2016 19:54
One of the new security features that SQL Server version 2016 brings, is the Dynamic Data Masking (DDM). Implementing DDM internally in SQL Server, aims to bring us better security, in the user level rules. User not been granted permission "UNMASK", cannot be exposed the original value, if column configured to be masked. Is this actually works?!? In this blog I will show how easy it is to expose the masked data, by any user.
By ronen ariely on 27/06/2016 20:43

באירוע שנערך היום, גליתי לתדהמתי, שגם בין האנשים שמובילים את הקהילות בטכנולוגיות מייקרוסופט, יש מי שאינו מודע לכך שבמערכת MSDN \ TechNet קיימים פורומים בעברית. אני הייתי מודע לכך שרבים ממובילי הקהילות לא לוקחים חלק פעיל בפורומים וחבל, אבל לא ציפיתי שיש מי שלא מודע על קיום הפורומים. הפורומים לאחרונה לא פעילים כל כך (בלשון המעטה), ויש לכך סיבות רבות, אולי זה חלק מהעיניין?!? מה שברור לי זה, שמשהו כאן לא עובד בצורה נכונה.

הגיע הזמן לנסות להחזיר את הפורומים למקום בו הם היו פעם ולהעלות אותם אולי למקום שמגיע להם. בבלוג זה אני אתחיל סדרה של מאמרים קצרים בעברית, בהם אני אפרט על השימוש בפורומים. והיום נתחיל בניווט בסיסי בפורום לצפייה בהודעות.

By ronen ariely on 26/06/2016 07:11
Did you tried to open the Help Viewer and instead of seen the content you see HTML code? Well, i wasted several minutes to find the issue, which is actually related to the browser configuration...
By ronen ariely on 23/06/2016 23:25

When you try to open the Help Viewer from SSMS 2016, there are two behaviors that people reports about: (1) Instead of getting the new Help Viewer version 2.2, which came with the SSMS 2016, the old version 1.1 is opened(2) Instead of getting any help viewer, the browser opened and redirects us to the Book-Online, or An error raises with the message "no app are installed to open this type of link (ms-xhelp)".

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about how to install Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Book-online for offline use. I mentioned this bug regarding starting the help viewer:

! Quote In the current SSMS version (April 2016 preview), when we click on F1 or if we select "Help" -> "View Help" in order to get help, instead of opening the Help Viewer, SSMS opens the download page in the browser, even if the Help Viewer already installed! It seems like a bug.

The current version is SSMS June 2016 generally available release, which mean that this version theoretically ready for production. Yet, the bug is still there, and it is time to focus a bit more on what seems to behave wrong, and how we can workaround these issues...

By ronen ariely on 19/06/2016 04:47

Text strings are created from characters. A collection of characters called a "character set". A character set, also known as a code-page or charset. It is an ordered set of characters in which each character is mapped to a numeric index, called a "code-point".

Character Encoding is the mechanism to map the code points into bytes. The code points are stored in the computer as one or more bytes (collation of 0 and 1). The visual representation of characters is configured by the font. A font is a collection of glyph definitions used to display characters...

By ronen ariely on 14/06/2016 08:05

Row-Level Security enables customers to control access to rows in a database table. Access to row-level data in a table is restricted by security predicate, defined as an inline table-valued function. The function is then invoked and enforced by a security policy.

According to the BOL, RLS filter predicates are functionally equivalent to appending a WHERE clause. The predicate can be as sophisticated as business practices dictate, or the clause can be as simple as WHERE TenantId = 42. Is this accurate?

By ronen ariely on 22/05/2016 18:29

Using "Microsoft Help Viewer", which is a small free tool, we can download the entire official SQL Server Book-Online. In this short blog I will explain how to do it step-by-step from downloading Microsoft Help Viewer to installing the SQL Server documentation.

By ronen ariely on 15/04/2016 12:45


At the beginning of the month I lectured at the SQLSaturday # 481 event about the new support of JSON in SQL Server 2016. During the demonstration I showed queries that returns JSON text. SQL Server returns the JSON text formatted as compact text / dense format (one line, no extra space), which is good for most cases that we want to store the text or pass it between machines for example. But, by using a compact format the structure of the JSON document is not readable. 

In NoSQL servers, which based on JSON, we usually have a built-in method to format the JSON document into a format that is easier for humans to read (for example in mongoDB it named "pretty"). This feature must be added to the SSMS or to the SQL Server, in my opinion. In the mean time, for the sake of the lecture, I created simple app that do the job. it is basically a "one line app" using the nuget package Json.NET (Newtonsoft.Json).

After I uploaded the lecture materials (code and presentation), I got requests to upload the application as well. Since I do not like the idea that people execute code without understanding it, and since this is very simple and short code, and most DBA does not develop dot.net application, therefore I decided to post the code, as a step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

By ronen ariely on 15/04/2016 10:39

In this session we will demonstrate several built-in JSON support functions in SQL Server 2016, and we will finish with some tricks and tips to improve performance.

By ronen ariely on 29/02/2016 21:57

Most people heard about the 2000 year bug, which occur once in 1000 years, but less people familiar with much more common bugs related to February 29, which occur approximately every 4 years. Let's named these as the "February 29 bug" or the "Leap year bug".

This blog based on a message posted at MSDN forum, by Yaniv Cohen, who notice that the use of the function ISNULL returns unexpected result, regarding February 29. Is this really unexpected result and we found a BUG?!? Starting with the original issue, as a starting point, I explain how the relevant functions behaves behind the scenes, and the difference between them. I reproduces the "unexpected behavior" using simpler case, and point to the source of the "unexpected behavior". I will present demos that you can execute in order to figure out how the relevant functions works, and in particular gives you the tools to understand the extent of the problem.