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הגדל מה בעמוד?

Author: ronen ariely Created: 08/10/2010 21:01
Ariely Ronen Public Blog

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By ronen ariely on 04/07/2017 16:03

Using the SQL Server Management Studio Stretch Database wizard with the option to filter the rows, does not fit for cases that the table does not include data which fit the stretch condition! 

We can use the built-in SQL Server Management Studio wizard in order to enable Stretch on the database and configure the table which will be stretched to the Azure on the same time, but it does not fit for all cases. In this short blog, I want to show example (again) why you should not use wizards.

* The solution is simply to use T-SQL queries, and please forget about using Stretch Database wizard, as I usually recommend regarding most wizards.

By ronen ariely on 10/05/2017 21:51

I want to bring a short story regarding a bug report related to SSMS 2017 and a User defined Extensions. I spend several hours to find the issue and I hope this blog will help you save the time. Therefore, if you are developing extensions (addins) to SSMS using VSIX template, or if you interesting in the subject, or if you simply tried to install extension and the installer did not recognize the SSMS, which installed in your machine, then this blog is for you.

By ronen ariely on 31/03/2017 19:03
SSMS vNext BUG during creating script to delete database from azure SQL Server
By ronen ariely on 10/12/2016 07:42

SET IDENTITY_INSERT doesn't work with 4 parts name, and as such it doesn't work with linked servers unless you execute dynamic SQL. Moreover, "SET IDENTITY_INSERT" is a session level setting, therefore when you connect to another server the setting of current session are not relevant. In this short blog I will show how we can use SET IDENTITY_INSERT on linked server using dynamic SQL.

By ronen ariely on 01/12/2016 07:03

This post demonstrates several options to convert VARBINARY data into Base64 string, and vice versa convert Base64 string into VARBINARY.

* In future posts I will show practical examples of using these actions. For example, we can use Base64 string in order to send emails, which include embedded images, stored in the database as VARBINARY.

By ronen ariely on 19/11/2016 20:53
Step by step video demo: Monitoring growth of SQL Server database files using Profiler and Using the 
By ronen ariely on 24/09/2016 02:30

* This post base on a question asked at the MSDN forums in this link

In order to restore the database in the same instance with the original database, we need to (1) move the restored database files to new location, since two files cannot have the same path in windows operating system. (2) we must change the DIRECTORY_NAME for the Filetable data, since it is instance level element and it must be unique in this SQL Server instance.

We can configure the new path for the restored files using simple command "restore... with move <original path> to <new path>" for each file, but there is no built-in option to configure the DIRECTORY_NAME at the same time during restore. Well... In this post I will show step by step a simple procedure to restore the database as a new database on the same instance as the original database.

By ronen ariely on 29/08/2016 02:31

Hello all,

Today I am trying something new...
Instead of writing a long post, which describe a bug, I will show you the bug in action using a simple video i created.

in fact, this is probably not really a simple video. In the past I used free version of apps to create simple videos, but it is time to move one step forward. I wanted to learn a bit about using advance video editor app, in order to start recording technical tutorials (webinars). Therefore, I used lot of the options that the video editor app includes. So, what app did I used? I use a full version licence of "Camtasia Studio", which is given free of charge to Microsoft MVPs.

Well, let's see how was I in my first test creating this short video :-)

You are welcome to post feedback and comments at Facebook.

- Ronen


By ronen ariely on 09/07/2016 19:54
One of the new security features that SQL Server version 2016 brings, is the Dynamic Data Masking (DDM). Implementing DDM internally in SQL Server, aims to bring us better security, in the user level rules. User not been granted permission "UNMASK", cannot be exposed the original value, if column configured to be masked. Is this actually works?!? In this blog I will show how easy it is to expose the masked data, by any user.
By ronen ariely on 27/06/2016 20:43

באירוע שנערך היום, גליתי לתדהמתי, שגם בין האנשים שמובילים את הקהילות בטכנולוגיות מייקרוסופט, יש מי שאינו מודע לכך שבמערכת MSDN \ TechNet קיימים פורומים בעברית. אני הייתי מודע לכך שרבים ממובילי הקהילות לא לוקחים חלק פעיל בפורומים וחבל, אבל לא ציפיתי שיש מי שלא מודע על קיום הפורומים. הפורומים לאחרונה לא פעילים כל כך (בלשון המעטה), ויש לכך סיבות רבות, אולי זה חלק מהעיניין?!? מה שברור לי זה, שמשהו כאן לא עובד בצורה נכונה.

הגיע הזמן לנסות להחזיר את הפורומים למקום בו הם היו פעם ולהעלות אותם אולי למקום שמגיע להם. בבלוג זה אני אתחיל סדרה של מאמרים קצרים בעברית, בהם אני אפרט על השימוש בפורומים. והיום נתחיל בניווט בסיסי בפורום לצפייה בהודעות.